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Personal Growth for All™

"I am free" Bracelet

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We believe that personal growth is a right, not a privilege. Our "I am free" bracelets support the mission and the movement of making personal growth accessible to all at Personal Growth for All.

These bracelets also serve as a reminder to everyone who wears them that in every second of every day we can choose to take back our power to be free and learn to live in peace, love, joy, and harmony as a normal, predictable way to be -- fulfilling our destiny.

All of our "I am free" bracelets are made by hand, with love, in California. We purchase all of our materials from US-based, family-owned, small-to-mid-size businesses.

Metal: Pewter (Lead, Nickel and Cadmium Free) OR 18k Gold Plated Pewter (Lead, Nickel and Cadmium Free)

Cord: Hemp

Size: Unisex, Adjustable, One-size fits all


Note: These bracelets are made to be worn 24/7 should you want to, however, the color of the hemp cordage will fade and wear over time (just like any article of clothing that you wash regularly in the washing machine). Once it fades, you can easily make a new cord or simply buy a new bracelet. Additionally, pewter is a soft metal and it will show signs of having been worn (like a good pair of shoes); these signs of wear will depend on your activities and how you care for it.

We would not recommend 24/7 wear for the 18k gold plated bracelet as soaps, detergents, lotions may affect the plating.