We believe that personal growth is a right, not a privilege.

You deserve to be free.

How it works.

"I am free" Bracelet

Our handmade "I am free" bracelet is the driving force behind our ability to offer personal growth strategies to all. Revenue from the sales of these bracelets support the work, the mission, the movement, the magazine, and the advocacy required to change the way people engage personal growth -- forever.

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Limited Edition: One Mission. One Love. Tank

Our limited edition One Mission. One Love. tank is the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe and a great way to broadcast to the world that you choose love - even when it's hard to. #IChooseToLoveYou. Get yours while supplies last.

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Limited Edition: "You Don't Get My Nasty" Tank

How many times have you given away your personal peace just because someone said or wrote something that bothered you? Wear this tank on the days when you want to remind yourself that the best way to keep your personal peace is by refusing to give it away again.

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More from the "I Choose Love" Collection

One Mission. One Love. Bracelet

As you wear this bracelet, may it serve as a constant reminder that you have the power to BE the change you want to see in the world. You can create peace amid chaos and you can create a happy life amid a sea of unhappy people. You have that power. You really do. May this lovely bracelet serve as your daily reminder that you are the light of the world. And may you shine bright forevermore. One mission. One love. #itstime

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"We Belong to Each Other" Bracelet

As you wear this bracelet, may it serve as a constant reminder that we belong to each other and that in each moment you can choose love over hate, compassion over shame, patience over condemnation, peace over blame. You can choose to remember that "we are our brother's keeper" and the best way to influence positive change in the world is to BE it and to show others the way.

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Limited Edition: One Mission. One Love. Shirt

Our One Mission. One Love. shirt is a powerful reminder that choosing to love someone is not just a nice thing to do but it's also a powerful way to shift the trajectory of our own lives to bring in more of the yummy good feelings we want to experience . . . feelings like love, joy, and peace. As we choose love more and more -- especially when it's hard to -- we build up the "muscle" of love and thus love becomes a stronger force in our daily lives. May this shirt remind you to choose love -- even when it's damn hard to.

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"Limited Edition: "You Don't Get My Nasty" Shirt

This shirt was created at a time when there was so much negativity flying around in every aspect of our culture. The airwaves were full of nothing but hate, negativity, shame, judgment, and blame -- from all sides. And it seemed every person was stuck in the blame-game loop and deeply afraid of losing something, everything. So we created a shirt for those who were tired of having their emotional state controlled by others -- tired of giving away their personal power like that -- and ready to take back their power to be free to choose when and how they experience peace -- no matter the influences to the contrary.

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