One Mission.

To create products and services that put more peace, love, joy, and harmony into the world.

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Our Vision

We envision a world in which all people are free to live in peace, love, joy, and harmony as a normal, predictable way to be — fulfilling their destiny.

We're dedicated to doing our part to bring this vision into reality.

  • We each create our reality.

    We cannot call ourselves loving and tolerant people and then shame, damn, and judge people who do things we don't like or have beliefs or values that oppose ours. If we want to live in a peaceful, loving, and tolerant world, we must offer peace, love, and tolerance to all people - even those who have opposing points-of-view.

  • We are each more powerful than we can imagine.

    Every person holds the power to create peace amid chaos, love amid hate, and a happy life amid a sea of unhappy people. We all have these powers. We really do.

  • We must show people the way.

    It is not enough to say we want to live in a loving, tolerant, and peaceful world. We must show up every day being the change we want to see. We must let go of judgments, blame, and the habit of shame. We must show people what peace, love, and tolerance truly is. We must show people the way.