We believe that loving, and being loved, is a birthright for us all.

So we're doing our part by sharing love with anyone who lives with hate in their heart -- and doesn't want to anymore. Each one teach one, each one lead one. #itstime


Teaching the World to Love™ is a mission-based boutique online store dedicated to putting out uplifting and unifying content and products into the world. We do not divide. We do not shame. We do not judge. We do not believe one person has to be wrong for the other person to be right. We simply believe that if enough people begin to show up for love by #choosinglove -- even when it's hard to, together we can build the kind of loving and tolerant world we want to live in.


The Personal Story

Hi, I’m Christina Renée Joubert, founder and CEO of Teaching the World to Love™. That’s me in the photos above, along with a man I befriended, a man who is covered with 33 swastika tattoos. Believe it or not, it was he who inspired me to create so much of the mission that Teaching the World to Love™ is now living. His presence in my life was also instrumental in helping me to begin to heal the places within me that were still wounded as a result of being disowned as a young child by my grandmother because of my blackness.

One of the most amazing lessons I learned by befriending this man, and being a part of his transition out of a life of hate, is that by choosing to love him, and not shame him or judge him, it was I who could stay in a place of peace and it was I who felt more love coming back to me. And it was I who showed him what a loving friendship between two people who are different could be.

Being his friend and loving him, despite his outward appearance, meant I could keep what I loved most about me and, by not shaming him, I stayed true to being the compassionate, tolerant, loving person I claim to be. And the best part is that I was able to show him a new way to be. #ichooselove

THIS is the mission and the driving force behind Teaching the World to Love™. It’s not enough to just talk about being a tolerant, loving person. We must do the hard work to show up for it. Always. Even when it’s damn hard to. Even when every button we have is being pushed by people who are doing things that make us feel angry, afraid, alarmed, hurt, horrified, or ashamed. For THIS is how we change the world. We #chooselove — no matter how hard it is to. We show people the way. #itstime

If you’re interested in knowing more about me, and the story of how this man and I met, check out the article below and the video.

If you want to be a part of sharing more love in the world, please purchase our products and tell the people you know and love about Teaching the World to Love.

And, finally, if you or anyone you know is lost on the path to loving and being loved — and are ready to be found — please grab my hand, tell me what’s up, and I’ll lovingly do my part to help guide you home.

With love, gratitude, grit, and grace,



About Christina

Christina Renée Joubert has made it her mission in life to make accessible to all people the knowledge, wisdom, tools, and strategies that can help them reframe their past, transform their present, and change the trajectory of their relationships and lives — now and for generations to come.

Christina’s teachings and mindset mastery abilities help people to turn traditional, paralyzing beliefs, behaviors, and patterns on their head — and her mindset tools and strategies give people a new, refreshed, empowered way to look at the same old problems and the same old dysfunctional patterns that show up in life — so that they can change them.

At the core of her mission, and all of her work, is one fundamental belief: Personal growth is a right, not a privilege, and the knowledge, wisdom, tools, and strategies that can help should be accessible and expressible to/for/by all. To do her part, Christina has recently launched two free, mission-based coaching platforms at Personal Growth for All™ and Teaching the World to Love™ . When she is not working these channels, she does private, fee-based coaching, corporate coaching work, and loves doing group events.

You can find out more about Christina here and at Personal Growth For All.

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