Mission & Guiding Principles

Mission and Driving Forces

Our mission becomes clear once we know what drives us.

To heal the divides within and among us all and teach the world to love.

Guiding Principle:

To make powerful and life-changing transformations financially accessible to all.

Driving Forces (in business and in life):

+ God

+ The universal laws set out to guide us in thought and deed

+ Offering Love – without question and without conditions – for all

+ To always be present, patient, kind and loving

+ To live a balanced life that’s equally grounded and inspired

+ To focus on creating positive change in the lives of millions, and fully trusting that if we do good, than good will come to us

+ To create content, materials, experiences and services that offer hope and uplift rather than offer fear and scarcity

+ To never, ever compromise our integrity – not for an experience, a dollar, a person nor an opportunity; integrity and faith are the backbone of our life

+ To honor ourselves so that we can honor others

+ To teach, live, create, and heal from a place of vulnerability, faith, grace, raw wisdom and pure love with an open heart and an open mind

+ To work as a faithful servant in service to the highest and greatest good of all

Your humble servant and CEO,