Dreams Coming True

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Dreams Coming True

So often our wildest dreams are trying to come true all around us.

But we miss them. We forsake them. We ignore them. We deny them.

We miss the magical moments they can bring forth and into our lives.

And it’s not because we endeavor to, it’s because we tend to hold on so tight to controlling how the dream shows up that we fail to recognize it when it appears.

Or we forsake the dream’s presence — taking it for granted — because we don’t recognize it based on how it makes us feel.

But all this can change. We can learn how to “attune” ourselves to recognizing our dreams coming true in all their gloriously different (and sometimes painful) forms; learning when to hold on and when to surrender. And I can help you.

Below is the video from the 5/31/2018 Instagram LIVE broadcast (@thespiritualmediator — at noon (pacific time) every weekday.  This broadcast is fully dedicated to helping you to begin realizing the dreams that have already come true and the ones that are trying to.  I also talk about how to know when we’re being called to surrender and why it’s important for us to.



May your dreams manifest in the most miraculous of forms and my you recognize them when they do.

There is power in dreaming big dreams and even more power in letting them come true.

I love you.

Here’s to dreaming,


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