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Choosing to Love

The power of our love is ours.

When people do things that make them easy to hate, we have two paths we can take: 1) hate them, ignore them, resent them, shame them or 2) forgive them, have compassion for them, try to understand them (empathy) and offer love to them — the kind of love that’s given freely and offered without conditions on needing to receive their love back in return.

I choose to love the people who do things that would otherwise make them easy to hate. And I choose love them because that’s what makes me feel the most loving.

It’s what allows me to keep my happiness and to retain control over my joy, my faith, my personal peace and how I show up for my life.

Choosing to believe this way doesn’t mean I don’t get my feelings hurt or I don’t get angry. Because I do. Often. But, I’ve learned how to not to let others actions eat at the core of my Spirit and dictate how I show up for my life.

And I’ve learned how to stay connected to the feelings just long enough to learn what I needed to learn and then release them.

You see, hating someone only takes from you and eats at the core of your Spirit, not theirs. The same is true for holding onto to resentments, anger, fear, etc. It takes from you, not them.

As the great Buddha said “holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the only one who gets burned.”

On the recording (below) from the May 30, 2018 Instagram LIVE broadcast, I talk more about this topic and I talk about how to begin (or continue) making the shift toward more love — for it is love we’re all here to experience and love that sets us all free. I love you.

With gratitude and grace,

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