When Soulmates Unite – Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most
Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most
When Soulmates Unite by Christina Joubert

Have you ever wondered why the people you love, do things that hurt you?

In today’s world, most of us blame, shame and get angry at the people who do things that hurt us. But, what if we lived in a world where we recognized that the people who hurt us are giving us the greatest opportunity to learn more about ourselves, get closer to ourselves, and ultimately get closer to one another and to love?

What a powerful world it would be…

Nearly every challenge we face in our relationships and in life is happening so that we can grow, heal and evolve.

In this book, I show readers the power and purpose of pain — using my own life, relationships, childhood, addictions, and old fears as the teaching tools to illustrate the quantum growth that can happen when we learn to love ourselves from the people and circumstances that hurt us the most.

— for nothing happens to us and everything happens for us. 

May our light as individuals, reveal the light in us all.

Deeply in love with love,

About the Book

When Soulmates Unite is an honest, transparent narrative chronicling Christina Renée’s emotional journey of learning to love herself through the power and significance of soulmates and the joy, pain, and opportunities for growth these relationships bring forth.

Christina relives her story of being married with a newborn, having everything she’d dreamed of, yet feeling such a nagging sense of sadness and lack that she left her marriage in search of more.

With vulnerability and authenticity, Christina shares with readers her peaks and valleys of healing and empowerment. Through a series of soulmate relationships, hard conversations, life reflections, journaling, and quality “me time,” she arises from the ashes of confusion, heartache, addiction, and fear to discover the true meaning of why soulmates come into our lives—to open us to a more authentic experience and teach us how to love ourselves, stay connected to ourselves, and stay connected to love.

Readers will discover that the soulmate relationship is usually the most difficult and painful we’ll ever experience. It’s supposed to be. It can also be the most beautiful and uplifting, if we recognize the lessons our soulmates are here to bring forth.

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Quotation Mark
“Your book chronicles a remarkable journey. Your writing is so honest and raw that, at times, the emotions feel physically tangible.”
“What courage you show in sharing all of yourself, not just those parts that we typically want people to see. Clearly, you have a knack for revealing all of yourself, which is the path for finding ourselves and lighting the way for others.”
“You’re witty and pure in your reflection of emotion and thoughts, and your style is so natural, it’s as though we’re sitting with a cup of tea, sharing time and the connection that tends to build after years of friendship.”
“Finding true self is not something many people have attained. Your love and desire to share your path with others so that they, too, may experience this evolution is truly a remarkable gift.”